You Can Blog About Anything, Anytime and Anywhere


Because you can blog about anything, anytime and anywhere, explaining what blogging is, for the most part, is something that can depend entirely on who you are talking too.  Each day as new online technologies are created, so are new blogs and each one with its own purpose.

Today’s blogs are used for hundreds of reasons so it is can be hard to explain to anyone just what one is. In the blogging world, the author is known as a blogger. For many years, blogs were simply used as a web log, mostly with text based entries, a website owner would use it to keep track of their websites progress; basically a web log was an online diary.

But, as the internet grew, and more and more people started using the internet the world of the blogger diversified.  Some bloggers started using the blog to write about every day events while others wrote stories or poems as a way of expressing themselves.  New blogs started appearing using the latest technology and a whole new idea for the simple web log was born.

Webmasters started creating plug-ins and a whole range of other features and technology to see how far blogging could go, and it’s come a long way since web logs. First came photo blogs where users could post their pictures online for friends and family; and then came video blogs and podcasting. Video blogs are great for those who are not camera shy and most video blogs are very educational and others are very entertaining.  You can find hundreds of them online.  Podcasting is an audio or video broadcast, similar to a radio or TV show.  Bloggers get website visitors to subscribe to their broadcast and share audio content on a regular basis.

A growing trend among bloggers is email blogging.  Bloggers collect email addresses by getting website visitors to subscribe to their list and then share content via email.  This form of blogging allows bloggers to collect valuable information about their subscribers’ preferences to products; what they like and don’t like and much, much more.

The ever advancing technology of mobile phones has led to a change in blogging as bloggers can now blog at anytime and from anywhere.  Mobile phones allow you to publish content directly to your blog including uploading images and videos.  But it’s important you have the right tools, for example having the right mobile apps for:

  1. Text editing;
  2. Photo editing;
  3. Video editing;
  4. Social networking; and most importantly
  5. The right blogging platform such as WordPress

If you use WordPress, you can adjust your email settings which will allow the emails you send out to your subscribers to be automatically published to your blog – all from your mobile phone!

Many companies are using blogs as part of their day-to-day business.  Blogs can be used to let customers know the latest company news and information or to promote the latest products, services or events that are coming up.

Thanks to the wide range of technology and free blogging platforms such as, or wealthy affiliate anyone can start a blog and they are so easy to use.  More and more people are using blogs to make money online, and there are many bloggers making a very good living from their blogs.

Blogging truly is a phenomenon that will continue to change and evolve over time, so it’s hard to predict what the future of blogging will look like in 10 or 20 years, perhaps it’ll be virtual blogging, we’ll have to wait and see.

If you would like to share your experiences please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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8 Comments on You Can Blog About Anything, Anytime and Anywhere

  1. A good overview of blogging (especially the various ways to go about it nowadays), which stirs up a number of questions.

    First of all, by “email blogging”, do you mean sending out regular email “newsletters”? And how does it enable the blogger to collect valuable information about their subscribers’ preferences?

    Second, how is video blogging different from podcasting, and which do you prefer?

    Third, you mention the possibility of “virtual blogging” in the future. What is that?

    • Hi Jean,

      Firstly, bloggers collect email addresses by getting website visitors to subscribe to their list and then share content via email. For me video blogging as the name suggest is a blog by video and a podcast is an audio version of a video blog, much like a radio broadcast. I prefer a podcast because I think I sound better on audio than what I sound and look on video. Virtual blogging, it could mean virtually anything! With the way new technology is going today, with gaming and 4D technology, anything is possible. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  2. This is brilliant I’m using WordPress for a long time but never know that the email sent to subscribers can be automatically published to our blog. Also most of the time I use iPad for blogging and it used to be very difficult for some of the options to work in an iPad. But as you mentioned I need to install some add ons which will support those features. Thanks for the help and nice one.

  3. Hi Gaylene, thanks for the great info! I was seriously not aware that you could send an email and it could potentially be published on your website. This is quite appealing in a way. I’m wondering how it would handle photos and other formatting from the email? Definitely worth looking into. Do you have any more information on this? I publish a lot of articles so if I can use this feature I may try it.

  4. Great post on blogging- it really is true you can totally blog about anything, anywhere. I am catching onto the vlogging now… and eventually wanting to get into email blogging…going to start up a youtube soon.
    Do you know in your experience if people are gravitating towards shorter blogs now that time scarcity has increased? I wonder about what the future holds for blogging too!

    • Hi Andrea,

      I don’t believe people are gravitating towards shorter blogs, but some bloggers are incorporating videos and podcasts to enhance their blogs. And yes, I wonder what the future of blogging holds as well. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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