What is Social Jukebox? – A Review

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Name: Social Jukebox
Website: www.socialjukebox.com
Price: Free to get started
Founder: Tim Fargo
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who is it for: Anyone

Hi I’m Gaylene and the Social Jukebox review you are about to read is based on my own personal experience as a Social Jukebox member.

Tim Fargo-Social Jukebox

Introduction to Social Jukebox?

Social Jukebox is a scheduling tool that allows you to load your content into a “jukebox”; schedule when and how often you want your social media posts to go out; and then just sit back and let the tool do everything for you – it’s completely automatic.

Social Jukebox currently allows you to easily link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  I hope in the future it’ll allow you to link to Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Check out this short video on Why you should use Social Jukebox:

Juke Boxes

I love the Juke boxes.  And it’s easy to get started.

Just create a Jukebox; load it with your content, decide how often you’d like it to be posted, and then turn it on.

With each Jukebox, you can store thousands of posts and set them up with the scheduling tool.

You can send tweets or posts over a 100 times per day. Plus your scheduling is flexible, allowing you to set different times for each day of the week. When it runs out of tweets, your Jukebox will start over again and keep tweeting and posting. This is completely automatic. You just sit back and let it do it’s thing.

Starting out is easy, you get a FREE Jukebox with 200 quotes to try out.

The free account gives you two jukeboxes and up to 300 stored jukebox tweets or posts as well as 5 stored Targeted Posts. Plus you can thank up to 50 of your top interactions. However, free accounts are limited to five tweets and one post daily on Twitter and Facebook.  But if you like Social Jukebox, you can easily upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Check out the Social Jukebox Orientation video below:

Targeted Posts

Do you have a post you want repeated a few times to ensure your followers see it?

Do you want to setup a Christmas or birthday message that is posted once a year? This is where you can do that. Scheduled posts are those that you want sent out on a specific date and frequency. By scheduling your posts, you can get your information in front of your followers daily, weekly, annually or several times a day. You’ll find the scheduling tool is very flexible.

Here’s a 5 minute video about targeted posts:

Thank you Tweets

When a user mentions you, it’s common courtesy to “thank” them. Inside Social Jukebox you can easily do this by using the “Thank You Tweet tool”.   You can thank up to 50 people for their interaction every Friday. Your jukebox system will thank the top Twitter users that mentioned you during the week. Once you turn it on and set up your thank you message, this feature is automatic, you don’t have to do anything.

Thank you tweet tool


Your Social Jukebox will automatically collect all mentions of your Twitter account 24/7.  Every mention is captured and stored in your own database. You’ll be able to see mentions over time in a graph format, and see who your top promoters are using two different metrics – volume and reach. And this feature is automatic as well!

Mentions-Social Jukebox


Paid plans range from $19.99 – $99.99 per month.  I’m using the Advanced Plan at $19.99 as it’s suitable for my needs right now.  For some of you that have multiple social media accounts on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn, you may want to consider one of the other plans.  Or if you just want to try it out, use the FREE plan.

Price-Social Jukebox

Training and Support

The only training available is via YouTube tutorials and you can check out their channel here.

For support, there is a FAQ section and a “Contact us” form for any questions you have.

The creators of Social Jukebox are committed to enhancing and improving this tool and they encourage your suggestions on how they can make Social Jukebox the best it can be.

Pros and Cons


  • Free to get started
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a large library of “ready made” Jukeboxes
  • Your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts remain active daily
  • Opportunity to increase your followers
  • No need to be on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn every day


  • Not available for Instagram or Pinterest
  • Few training resources


Social Jukebox is a great, automated social media management tool that allows you to easily send out content whenever you want.  Whether you’re sending out blog posts, quotes, links to products or practically anything, then this is the tool you need.

I highly recommend Social Jukebox for anyone wishing to grow their social media network without having to be on social media every day.

If you have any comments about Social Jukebox or would like to share your experiences with this tool, leave me a comment below.

23 Comments on What is Social Jukebox? – A Review

  1. Hey Gaylene,
    Thanks for your review on Social Jukebox. I took your advice and decided to give it a try (through your link).
    It seems very interesting and time-saving.
    We’ll see if it works for me. If so, I may upgrade it.

  2. Thanks for this review Gaylene. I used to use Hootsuite but never found it to be really user-friendly. The good thing about it is that it’s free. But I will definitely give Social Jukebox a try out. It can be really daunting sometimes with so many different social accounts to manage all the time. Planning and scheduling on one platform will certainly be a great help. Thanks for sharing.



    • Hi Kevon,

      You’re absolutely right, it can be daunting and time consuming. From the day I started using this tool, I’m no longer on my Twitter and Facebook pages daily and for “hours on end” as the system takes care of my posts. I’m now posting over 100 times a day and getting on average 45 new followers per day – and it’s all automated. It’s great that you’re going to give this tool a try so I hope it all works out for you. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Sounds awesome Gaylene. I will be sure and check this out. I’m interested in conversions. How many are you getting via Facebook and Twitter with the help of this tool? I get that the tool helps with scheduling and posting, does paying for the tool actually help convert those visitors to buyers?
    Thanks, Peter

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m in the process of changing my autoresponder and completing my ebooks that I’ll be giving away when people subscribe to my email list, when that happens I know my conversion rates will improve significantly. And having a paid plan as opposed to a free plan gives you more “jukeboxes” and on the plan I’m on I get 10 Jukeboxes – which means more posts per day. I’m now averaging over 100 tweets per day and these are a combination of quotes, my website blogs, my wealthy affiliate blogs and links to Amazon products. My Twitter analytics show a huge improvement, more impressions, more engagement, more mentions and more clicks on links etc. And also more followers. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. Hi Gaylene,
    I know about social jukebox but never tried that before.This is a very informative post and I am going to try social jukebox. Thanks for this review post.

    • Hi Sudheendra,

      That’s great, and if you sign up to the free plan, you’ll be able to learn how this tool works before you make a decision to upgrade. Thanks for taking the time comment 🙂

  5. Wow! I’ve never heard of Social Jukebox, and by the looks of it, I’ve been missing out! Since I own a website, I might have to give this system a go, especially because automating your content is extremely helpful.

    I do like how it’s easy to get started, so that’s a good bonus, while the pros heavily outweigh the cons that you have mentioned. Overall great program by the looks of it, and good job on the review – very thorough.


    • Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for the comment. Social Jukebox has only been around for 2 years but more and more people are learning about this great tool. It’s worth looking at as they offer a free plan, but with any free plan it comes with limitations. But the free plan will allow you to earn how to use the tool before making a decision to upgrade. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Hi Gaylene,
    This is really useful information. I’d never heard of Social Jukebox until now. It sounds like a great way to increase your followers. I’m definitely looking into this. Thanks!

    • Hi Geoff,

      Yes, this tool has only been on the market since January 2015 so it’s very new, but fast becoming popular. I love that I no longer need to be on Twitter or Facebook for hours on end every day – everything is automated. In the first week of using this tool, I increased my followers by over 200. I love this tool and I’m sure you will too. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Thanks for review on this. I am not aware that there is such a tool we can utilise! Will certainly look into this to grow my network. cool stuff!

    • Hi Wendy,

      Social Jukebox is a great tool. I’m using it for Twitter only at the moment and in my first week I gained over 200 followers. I highly recommend this tool. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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