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Video Marketing

When it comes to getting website traffic, it’s important to use whatever tools you can online.  With more and more tools available, you can get more qualified traffic for less money.  Using videos to drive traffic to your website has increased significantly, but to get the most out of the process you may need help marketing your video.

Of course, almost everyone has heard of YouTube and this is a great place to start.  You can create your own YouTube channel and get users to follow you.  This is a great way to establish yourself as a leader and build your subscriber list.

Of course YouTube isn’t the only “game” in town, there are hundreds of online video directories where you can upload your videos, and a simple Google search will help you to find them.  To make sure that your videos will accomplish what you want them to, make sure you take the time to make good quality videos.  Don’t try to throw something together in just a few minutes.

A quality video doesn’t have to be done by a professional.  In fact, a more personal approach usually works best.  However, there are some things your video must have.

Firstly, it has to be of a decent quality. If people can’t see what you’re doing or if the video keeps breaking up, they’ll stop watching and any opportunity you may have had will be gone.

Secondly, the audio must be clear.  If viewers can’t hear what is being said they will stop watching and move on to something else.  It’s not just about the quality of the audio either, it’s also about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.  Are you speaking clearly throughout the whole video?  If not, simple – do it again!  It’s much better to redo sections of the video instead of sounding nervous or sounding like you don’t know what you’re talking about.  After all, the point here is to deliver a personal experience for your viewers and let them get to know who you are, if they don’t like you it’s not going to do you much good.

Don’t make your video too long.  Most online videos should be an introduction only and that means just a few minutes long.  Usually around 3 to 5 minutes maximum is good.  This isn’t the place to teach them what you know, in most cases you will want them to pay for that. This is the place you want to prove to them that you can help them, so help them!  Give them a short term solution to some problem they may be facing.

Now that you have a video that is of decent quality: the audio, video footage and narration are clear, is easy to follow and on target, you need to create keywords to improve your search engine rankings for your video.  This is known as search engine optimization – SEO.  When you submit your video to video directories like YouTube you will need to complete the video description details. This consists of a title, a description and tags.  This is where you’ll put the keywords that you’ve created for your chosen niche – higher rankings will mean more people will be able to find it easily when they do a keyword search, which is what video marketing is all about.

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16 Comments on Video Marketing for Newbies

    • Hi Sandra,

      Yes I agree, and as discussed in this article video marketing is about driving traffic to your website. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Gotta get myself into this side of marketing soon.

    you say that the videos don;t necessarily need to be ‘professional’ but do you know of any good video editing software for Mac that I could use to create videos that don;t look ‘too’ home made?

    • Hey Danny,

      There are tons of different video editing software available and with a simple Google search you’ll find them. Some are free, some you can trial out before you buy, but others you have to pay for. Here’s a list of some of the programs I use:
      Camatasia and Adobe Premier Pro which are difficult to use if you’re a newbie. An easier program for newbies (if you’re looking to create whiteboard videos) would be Videoscribe which you can trial out before you buy it. hope this helps.

  2. Gaylene, this is excellent information. I love the simplicity of the tips you’ve provided. I must say, I’m one of those viewers that will click on another video if the video quality is poor, or if I can’t hear. I’m enjoying your posts, so keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Jack, your feedback is much appreciated. As you said, these are very simple tips to follow to avoid viewers doing what both you and I do (and many others I suspect) and that is “click on something else”. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. These are some real good tips, video marketing is indeed a very important thing because most people prefer videos our words, especially in recent years You Tube has been a great platform for online marketers.

    • Hi Hari, thank you for your comments and yes, video marketing is very important. Thanks again, your feedback is much appreciated 🙂

  4. These are really simple tips to follow. I never thought to use video marketing on my website, but I will now. Thanks Gaylene.

  5. Hi Gaylene,

    I really enjoyed this article and have bookmarked it. I have uploaded a few videos to YouTube to use on my website but this gives me a really good insight into how to use them to really market my business.

    I will come back to this page over and over to make sure I am doing things right as I grow my website. Thank you for the insight!


    • Hi Chris,

      I’m pleased you enjoyed this article. Video marketing is a powerful way of marketing your business which is why more and more people should use it. While creating videos can take some time to create, it’s not difficult nor is it costly. Thanks for your feedback and I long forward to you returning to my site 🙂

  6. What a great article. As I bill my own website I too will look into using YouTube to get my brand across. You give some useful tips that I can use when creating my videos.

    I was thinking that maybe when you begin with videos to make them short as you suggest. As you get more and more followers is it an idea to extend the length? I feel that if you got many followers and your video is longer then eventually you can sell more to them.

    • Hi Owain,

      I’m pleased you found the tips in this article useful. In terms of how long your video should be, ultimately that’s your call, but there are some valid reasons for keeping them short (as highlighted in this article). When creating your video, you should add a “call to action” button or link – this is the best strategy to use if you’re selling them something. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  7. Great stuff. Good introduction for newbies. Video marketing is certainly something that catches the eye, but so many people try too hard (or don’t try enough) when making their own videos. These simple tips can make a world of difference.

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