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Blog topics are a critical part of a successful blog.  Many bloggers just write about whatever is on their mind, creating their own online journal.  However, successful bloggers know that to have a great blog, you cannot just write about what you want to write about. You must keep the interests of your audience in mind when writing.  After all, if you want a successful blog, you have to depend on your audience to show up regularly. To keep your blog as fresh as possible, consider using these five ways to find winning ideas for your blog topics.

Do your homework

Smart bloggers use keyword research tools to help them to get more traffic to their blogs. Each day a blogger can use these tools to find keywords to create great articles. If you’re lucky, you will increase your traffic if more people are searching for those keywords. By doing your homework on the topics that are popular with your audience every day, you can create topics specifically targeted for your audience. Doing research may take time and you might never be writing about what you really want to write about, but you are likely to increase traffic to your blog.

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Ask Around

If you have been blogging for awhile you probably have experienced “low points” where you have struggled to find new topic ideas. Some people call this “writer’s block” while others just see it as a small hurdle to overcome. If  you ever get to this point, the best thing to do is ask around. Talk to interesting people you know and ask them what topics they’re interested in. If you prefer to be subtle about it, simply “bounce” a few ideas off of them to see which ones “sparks” and interest. Use the topics they respond strongly to and gather ideas for your blog.

Follow the latest news

The latest news is a great place to find topic ideas for your blog. News teams research and investigate for hours to gather their topics. By using similar topics, you can skip all of the hard research work and still be a success. Never plagiarize their ideas, just take those ideas and use them to develop your own. For instance, if there is a major economic issue going on in the news, consider creating a post about what your views are on this issue. You don’t have to use the news article, just the topic idea using your own words.

Find out what others are doing

When you are looking for great blog topics, find out what other popular bloggers are talking about. Don’t copy their ideas, but use their topics to generate new ideas of your own. When you see others creating high level content it can spark new enthusiasm in yourself.  You will soon learn which topics get the best response and then decide if you would get the same kind of response using a similar topic.

Sleep on it!

If all else fails and you are still struggling to come up with a list of interesting blog topics, consider this simple strategy: “sleep on it”.  Try going to sleep each night with a clear head.  In the morning, when you awake, focus on the the first thing that comes to mind, then write it down immediately so you don’t forget it. Then use these thoughts to develop new blog topics. You would be amazed at how inspiring our first thoughts can be. They are so amazing because they are not clouded with any outside distractions. They are simple thoughts that can be used to create some of the most interesting and sometimes thought provoking blogs.

These five tips to find the best blog topics are proven to be among the best. A blog topic is one of the basic and important aspects of your blog. Be sure to pay attention to which topics get the best response and you’ll learn very quickly which ones are most effective. Use these tips to help you get on your way to writing better blogs.

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10 Comments on 5 Tips for finding the best blog topics

  1. Sleeping on it is part of my go to fix when I’m stuck but I do it a little backwards. I’ll do what I call a Brain Dump. I’ll just type everything down as I think it, stream of consciousness style, for at least 20 minutes and then hit save. The next morning, after a cup of coffee, I often discover a couple of great ideas buried in my pages. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hi Gaylene.Sometimes it difficult to find the best source for our topics. your post explain how to solve my problem. It’s a nice tips for your reader. Thank you for the tips.

  3. Thanks for theses great tips. I like the idea of sleeping on something and waking up with a great idea. All 5 ways are going to be very useful for me. Just one question, how do I follow the latest news? Is there a software I have to download? Thanks again.

    • Hi Bea,

      I’m pleased you found these tips useful. To get the latest news I have created a number of “Google Alerts” on topics and people that interest me – anything that is posted on the web on those topics or people, I get a Google alert via email. However, your inbox can get “flooded” with emails every day so make sure you enter specific information in the settings before creating Google Alerts. Hope this helps. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. This is a great go-to site for a new blogger, like myself. I appreciate the detailed information,tips and strategies. I’ll be revisiting your site in the future!

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for taking the time to check out my site and my post, your feedback is much appreciated. Feel free to return and look around and if you would like to share your experiences leave me a comment. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  5. Hi Gaylene,

    This is a great resource. Many many people love the idea of creating a blog but many don’t think about the research that needs to happen beforehand. Hopefully, somone might be an expert on what they want to write about but most people are not. Having an interest in what you are writing about makes doing the research that much more enjoyable. This post is a great stepping stone for those who want to start blogging.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree, these tips are designed for newbies just getting started with their blog. And yes, research is so important if we hope to get visitors to our sites. So we have to make our articles “stand out” among all the rest and the topic, headline and keywords are so important. If we get it right, they’ll return, time and time again. Have a great day 🙂

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